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We all want beautiful, glowing skin, right? But achieving that perfect, flawless look can be a bit tricky for most of us, no matter our age. We use masks, scrubs, and fancy skincare stuff at home to help, and sometimes we even try more intense treatments like chemical peels or microneedling to speed things up. But when you really want fast and effective results, lasers are the way to go.


So, what are lasers? Well, they’re like super-powered beams of light that can make your skin look amazing. “They work by gently hurting your skin on purpose (don’t worry, it’s safe!). This little bit of “injury” tells your skin to heal itself and make new, healthier skin.” Says Dr Kanikta- Our dermatologist and Skin Laser expert in Chandigarh

The great thing about this healing process is that it boosts the production of collagen, which is like your skin’s best friend. Collagen makes your skin firm and smooth. But as we get older, our collagen production slows down, and that’s when we start seeing wrinkles and lines.

production slows down, and that’s when we start seeing wrinkles and lines.

Lots of celebrities are loving these treatments, and that’s made laser resurfacing more popular than ever.

According to a report, the number of laser treatments in Chandigarh went up a lot from 2018 to 2023. People love how lasers can help with things like acne scars, wrinkles, and sunspots.

But here’s the important stuff you need to know:

    1. Choose Your Laser Practitioner Wisely: In today’s era of med spas and Botox bars, the line between pampering, aesthetics, and medical treatments can be blurry, and inconsistent regulations only add to the confusion. It’s essential to remember that lasers aren’t toys, and the expertise of the person operating the laser is crucial. The same laser machine can produce vastly different results in the hands of different practitioners. It’s advisable to seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist with extensive experience in laser resurfacing procedures. Laser Treatments in Chandigarh in Gleuhr clinic has given amazing results to the clients

  1. Understand Different Laser Categories: Laser technology is diverse and can be categorized in various ways, including ablative and nonablative lasers, as well as fractional lasers. Additionally, light therapies offer gentler options for skin resurfacing. Here’s a brief overview:

Ablative Lasers: These are the most powerful lasers, removing the top layer of skin (epidermis) and part of the second layer (dermis) by superheating water within the skin. This controlled vaporization of skin cells results in tighter skin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, lighter sunspots, and the elimination of benign skin growths. Recovery time for ablative lasers is typically about a week.

Nonablative Lasers: These are gentler lasers that direct their energy deeper into the skin’s tissue without wounding the top layer. They are a safer option for individuals with darker skin tones, as they pose a lower risk of pigmentation issues.

Fractionated Lasers: Fractionated lasers offer a middle-ground approach between ablative and nonablative lasers. They deliver heat and light in a pixelated pattern, allowing for quicker healing and less downtime compared to ablative lasers.

Light Therapies: These therapies use several wavelengths of light simultaneously and are gentler than traditional lasers. They are suitable for maintenance and are ideal for individuals with less severe skin concerns.


  1. Don’t Get Fixated on Laser Brand Names: It’s easy to be swayed by laser brand names, especially after seeing influencers’ endorsements. However, the brand of the laser is less important than the wavelength used and the practitioner’s knowledge. The wrong choice of laser for your skin type can lead to burns, scarring, or ineffective results. Be sure to consult with an experienced professional who can select the most suitable laser for your specific needs.
  2. Collaborate with Your Dermatologist: A dermatologist who has experience with a range of lasers can customize treatments based on your skin’s unique requirements. Combining different laser types and wavelengths can yield better results, and practitioners with access to multiple machines can tailor treatments accordingly. Before your appointment, make a list of your primary skin concerns, and work closely with your dermatologist to determine the best laser or light therapy for you. Gleuhr has best Laser treatments in Chandigarh.
  3. Approach Lasers Cautiously for Dark Skin Tones: Not all skin tones react the same way to lasers. Darker skin carries a higher risk of hyperpigmentation, so extra caution is needed when considering laser treatments. While it’s possible to use lasers on darker skin, it’s crucial to choose a provider with expertise in treating your specific skin type. Erbium lasers are often recommended for lighter-toned Indian, or Asian skin tones, as they pose fewer risks for discoloration. However, individuals with very dark brown or black skin may need to explore alternative resurfacing options like radio-frequency treatments or microneedling.
  4. Laser Treatment for Acne Scars vs. Active Acne: Laser treatments can effectively address acne scars, but they are not suitable for treating active acne. For active acne, consider treatments involving blue or blue-red light. Combining laser resurfacing with other acne treatments prescribed by your dermatologist can yield the best results.
  5. Realistic Expectations and Maintenance: While lasers can produce remarkable results, it’s essential to maintain realistic expectations. Depending on your specific skin condition and the type of laser treatment, results may take time, and multiple sessions may be necessary. Additionally, lasers are not a one-time fix; they require ongoing maintenance, just like other aspects of skincare. A proper at-home skincare routine with retinoids, vitamin C serum, and sunscreen is crucial to optimize and preserve your laser results.


Lasers are powerful tools for achieving radiant skin, but informed decision-making and collaboration with a qualified practitioner are vital to ensure safe and effective treatment. Keep your expectations realistic, and commit to diligent skincare maintenance to enjoy long-lasting results. Various Skin Clinics offer laser treatments, choose the one which suits best as per your requirements. Gleuhr, best skin clinic in Chandigarh has the best advanced technology in Laser For every skin concern and gives you the best results- Whether its hairth growth, pigmentation, skin glow, aging or acne- we have solution for all

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